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About the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate program

Q: What is the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network?
The U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network is an alliance of independent self-storage operators who connect to the world’s largest storage network. With U-Haul Affiliation, your location gains occupancy and visibility all via an online platform. We offer several fully integrated benefits designed for self-storage operators to compete with the ‘big brands’ while maintaining their independent identity.

Q: What are the benefits of joining the Storage Affiliate Network?
The primary benefits are FREE year round exposure on www.emove.com, www.uhaul.com, and 1-800-GO-U-HAUL as well as confirmed storage reservations for a one-time $20.00 fee. Affiliates can also upgrade to the WebSelfStorage Business Platform and all of the additional opportunities that go along with this package.

The WebSelfStorage Business Platform includes an enhanced online listing and reservation capability, it is a total web-based self-storage management package. WebSelfStorage offers a comprehensive package of fully integrated benefits including; payment processing, SafeStor Tenant insurance, Centralized and Certified Mailing service, the U-Haul Call Center, online account management and much more.

Q: How much does being a part of the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network cost?
U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Program - U-Haul Dealers pay only $34.95. Non-Dealers pay only $44.95 per month. This is a month-to-month contract with no upfront fees. It is encouraged to upload images of the facility, up to 10 of them. WebSelfStorage also offers a comprehensive package of fully integrated benefits including; payment processing, SafeStor Tenant Insurance, Centralized and Certified Mailing service, the U-Haul Call Center, online account management and much more. To learn more about the benefits U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliates enjoy, click here.

Q: How can self-storage facilities sign-up and what does the application entail?
Simply go directly to www.webselfstorage.com and click on the "Sign Up" link. U-Haul Dealers can log on to www.uhauldealer.com, go to "Point Of Sale", "Quick Links" and then click the "eMove Affiliate Login" link. You will then enter facility data such as contact information, office and gate hours, facility features, room sizes/rates, and payment information. Signing up will take about 5 minutes for the initial application. After the application is completed, you can immediately begin the set up for WebSelfStorage. Each location is given a 30 day timeframe to enter their data. Most locations are able to complete the entire set up process within one week.

Q: Does becoming a Storage Affiliate lock me into a long-term contract and what is the cancelation policy?
No, U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliation is based on a month-to-month contract only. An electronic agreement detailing all terms is found on the online sign up form and must be agreed to before prospective Affiliates can submit an application to join the Network.
Storage Affiliates who wish to cancel are required to give 30 days written notice by sending a request in writing to affiliate@uhaul.com. Location information, owner authorization and the reason for canceling must also be provided and our staff will take the steps to close the account.

Q: What happens after a storage facility joins the Storage Affiliate Network?
The Storage Affiliate is immediately plugged into the world's largest Storage Affiliate Network. You will be contacted by a U-Haul representative who will walk through set up and usage of the account so you can start utilizing your new Affiliation to your facility’s benefit.

Q: How long does it take for a storage location to appear on the website after being activated?
Your facility will have its own page on www.emove.com and www.uhaul.com within 24 to 48 hours of activation.

Q: Can a Storage Affiliate upload pictures of their facility?
Yes, pictures of the facility can be uploaded on the website. This feature is FREE for U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliates and allows you to upload up to 10 pictures.

Q: How do Storage Affiliates sign in to their account?
U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliates may sign into their account by going to https://uhaul.com/selfstorageaffiliate and using their login and chosen password. Affiliates may also go directly to www.webselfstorage.com to sign in.

Q: Can a Storage Affiliate alter their room availability?
Absolutely! U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliates may log into their WebSelfStorage account and apply necessary updates. While WebSelfStorage automatically manages your inventory in real time so Affiliates don’t have to log into their account to maintain unit inventory, they are able to update reservation parameters that govern the way reservations work for their facility.

Q: How secure is my information when I signup for this Internet based network?
We employ 128-bit SSL encryption, which is the equivalent of bank level security. Simply put, your Data is extremely secure. U-Haul is backed by a large corporation that is fully audited by a national CPA firm and deemed fully compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley while maintaining the PCI Data Security Standard of compliance as set forth by all the major payment brands. U-Haul satisfies the most stringent level of requirements to demonstrate full compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard by submitting a verified report on compliance and providing documentation from an outside security firm on the scanning of its outward facing web domains. With over 7,000 Affiliates on the U-Haul network, safety and security are our top priority.

Q: How often should Storage Affiliates log into their account?
Signing into your Storage Affiliate account should be routine for Affiliates. U-Haul encourages log ins everyday, in order for WebSelfStorage to assist in managing the storage facility it requires updates to facility information, keep appraised of new customers, needful transactions such as move-ins, move-outs, payments, selling retail, etc...

Q: What if I have forgotten the log in or password to my account?
The log in and password were chosen by the User at sign up for WebSelfStorage. To obtain a password, WebSelfStorage Users can go here: https://www.webselfstorage.com/wssforgotpassword.asp to retrieve your password from the system.

Q: Why is my User I.D. or access to WebSelfStorage "locked out"?
Due to security measures, WebSelfStorage locks a User out of accessing the account after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. Users with administrative privileges will be able to go to Management Menu, User Accounts to reactivate a "locked out" User I.D. within the Established User Accounts section. Remember, creating a unique I.D. and password for each User with access to WebSelfStorage is imperative. For questions, contact us at affiliate@uhaul.com.

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Q: How are reservations made for my storage facility?
Storage customers make reservations for your facility either through www.emove.com, www.uhaul.com (over 100 million hits annually), or 1-800-GO-UHAUL (4+ million calls each year). The customer indicates where and when they need storage and the type of product they need. The closest locations to their search criteria are presented. Customers confirm the reservation with a fully refundable credit card handling fee of $6.95.

Q: What is a customer review and how does it work?
A customer review is a rating of their storage experience at your facility. Customers rate facilities on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best, along with comments. Customers receive an email 1 day after their expected move-in date offering the chance to complete a review. Once the review is completed electronically, their credit card is automatically credited the $6.95 handling fee.

Q: Can I reply back to a customer review?
Yes, you can reply back to customer feedback within 30 days of its original date. Your comments will appear on your eMove page underneath the review. Log into your account within WebSelfStorage, Affiliates can access feedback by going to "Management Menu", "Reviews".

Q: What do I do if a customer complains that they did not receive a refund from U-Haul?
Communicate to the customer that U-Haul charges the order handling fee and direct them to send an email to affiliate@uhaul.com for prompt resolution.

Q: How much does a reservation cost?
A confirmed reservation costs a one-time fee of $20 and is charged to you via the payment option you have provided on your account.

Q: When does the $20 Reservation Fee get charged?
This fee is automatically charged when a customer confirms their reservation with a credit card.

Q: Why doesn’t my facility show online for reservations?
U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliates should verify that their reservation business rules and parameters are appropriately set to accept reservations. Within the "Management Menu" link, the "Facility Profile" and "Room Sizes and Rates" sections determine what appears as available for reservations.

Q: What happens if the customer does not move in to the facility?
Affiliates are allowed 2 cancellations within a 6 month period, and reservations can be canceled within 10 to 30 days after the customer’s scheduled move-in date. To submit a cancellation, Affiliates can submit a cancellation via their "Monthly Transaction Statement report" by clicking the envelope icon next to the reservation in question. Each of these cancellation submissions are refunded electronically.

Q: Is participation in the "One Month Free Storage" program that U-Haul offers a requirement to participate in the Storage Affiliate Network?
No - participation in U-Haul’s "One Month Free Storage with a One Way Move" program is not required. Additionally, sales agents are able to quote the "One Month Free Storage with a One Way Move" offer over the phone only for Affiliates that participate.

Q: Can the One-Month Free Storage Program that U-Haul offers be promoted for a Storage Affiliate's facility?
Yes. This feature is available for Affiliates to promote on their reservation pages. Additionally, sales agents are able to quote the "One Month Free Storage with a One Way Move" offer over the phone only for Affiliates that participate.

Q: Does the storage customer pay for the storage room when they reserve it online or via 1-800-GO-UHAUL?
U-Haul does not charge the customer rental amounts upon confirming a reservation, but does charge the $6.95 handling fee to confirm the reservation. Your facility should continue to follow your standard procedures when moving a customer in.

Q: How does a Storage Affiliate know when a reservation is made for their facility?
Affiliates receive an email instructing them to login to their account to acquire the customer's information. U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliates receive an instant message within the WebSelfStorage program as well indicating where to go to gather the customer’s information. Reservation details are also downloaded directly to their WebSelfStorage account.

Q: What should a Storage Affiliate do when they receive a reservation?
Contact the customer IMMEDIATELY and offer to answer any questions they may have about their upcoming storage needs.

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Q: What is S.O.A.R. and how can it help my storage location?
This feature stands for Secured Online Affiliation Rentals. Affiliates utilizing WebSelfStorage and payment processing can make AND receive S.O.A.R’s. The feature provides the ability for another moving or storage agent to remotely move a customer into your location. With S.O.A.R., you can effortlessly increase your visibility, occupancy and revenue! There are over 16,000 moving and storage agents across North America able to complete remote move-ins for you!

Q: What happens when a S.O.A.R. is completed for a Storage Affiliate?
The Storage Affiliate receives an instant message with the customer’s details. The payment for the storage unit is received within WebSelfStorage and displays on reports within the program, and the storage room they have been moved into is instantly denoted as "occupied".

Q: How does the storage customer pay for the storage room and how is the payment deposited?
At the time of the S.O.A.R. the customer’s credit card is charged. They are charged the first month’s rent and any further move-in payments. This is deposited into the Storage Affiliate’s bank account. For receiving the S.O.A.R. 20% of one month’s rent is paid by the Affiliate. Of the 20%, a commission equal to 15% of the first month’s rent is paid to the location that created the S.O.A.R., and a commission equal to 5% of the first month’s rent is paid to U-Haul.

Q: What should the Storage Affiliate do when they receive a S.O.A.R.?
Contact the customer IMMEDIATELY and offer to answer any questions they may have about their upcoming storage needs.

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Q: What is WebSelfStorage and how does it work with the Storage Affiliate Network?
WebSelfStorage is an affordable and reliable web-based business solution that self-storage companies utilize to manage their facilities. With WebSelfStorage, you can manage your facility from anywhere, provide online payment capability for your customers, utilize the U-Haul Call Center, receive credit card and property insurance discounts, offer SafeStor Tenant Insurance, acquire S.O.A.R. rentals from over 16,000 sales agents across North America and more! All of the benefits within WebSelfStorage are fully integrated, which means no third-party interaction.

Q: Will WebSelfStorage automatically print out letters?
Yes, WebSelfStorage provides a Run Opening functionality which will automatically generate letters like late notices, invoices, rate change letters, etc... and will automatically apply late charges or any other regulated fees to customer contracts.

Q: Can letters, invoices and late notices be changed and customized?
Absolutely! You can input your own letters or alter the basic letter templates WebSelfStorage provides. These templates do not necessarily abide by state/province lien laws and it is strongly recommended you consult with an attorney or your state self-storage association regarding verbiage and legalities.

Q: Can WebSelfStorage automatically print out a Rental Agreement/Contract?
Yes. In fact, WebSelfStorage allows your location to print a contract automatically at move-in, and/or each time you change a customer's personal information. You can also have unique rental agreements/contracts for each size code. Custom letters can also be printed at any time.

Q: Does WebSelfStorage offer a data conversion from my existing software program?
Yes. WebSelfStorage Programmers can complete a data transfer from any major self-storage software program at the cost of just $1 per unit. Once your location signs up for WebSelfStorage, a representative will explain the details and direct you in sending a formal request for a conversion of your existing data.

Q: Will WebSelfStorage interface with a gate system?
Yes. WebSelfStorage interfaces with all major gate systems. Don’t see your gate system on our list? Inform Developers and they may be able to create an interface.

Q: Will WebSelfStorage interface with accounting systems?
Yes. WebSelfStorage exports to QuickBooks, Quicken, and Peachtree accounting packages.

Q: Can WebSelfStorage help manage auctions?
Yes, an Auctions section within the program provides a calendar, a way to keep track of unit inventory and more. Your facility will be able to customize the Auction Rules to best manage your storage operation.

Q: Does WebSelfStorage offer a site-map?
Absolutely! WebSelfStorage's site-map doesn't just give you a visual of your facility – it’s interactive! You can actually process a move-in, take a payment, move a customer out, transfer a customer and change the room status - all from the site-map.

Q: Will WebSelfStorage complete the sale of a retail item?
WebSelfStorage's flexible retail management allows any item to be added to inventory. Transactions can also be completed within or outside of, a storage account.

Q: Can rates be managed through WebSelfStorage?
Yes, rates are easily managed within the Platform. Rates can be changed for a whole unit size or room by room, and can be "locked" for particular customer units. Locations can also set up rate changes to occur within the system automatically. In addition, once a rate change is implemented letters can automatically be generated to inform current customers of the increase.

Q: Can WebSelfStorage manage fees?
Yes, WebSelfStorage will automatically add late fees and recurring fees according to your business rules. Storage Affiliates can create fees unique to their operation and add/remove with flexibility.

Q: Can WebSelfStorage offer discounts, coupons or discount a particular room?
Definitely. Storage Affiliates can set-up and customize discounts as they wish. Locations can also choose two of their current discounts or specials to appear online as coupons customers reserving online.

Q: Does WebSelfStorage offer reports similar to other storage management software available?
WebSelfStorage offers comprehensive reporting for auditing, tenant information, management, finances and much more! We are always reevaluating current reports and look forward to Affiliates’ feedback for further development.

Q: Are multiple user licenses required if more than one person will be using WebSelfStorage?
No. Storage Affiliates can set-up as many "Users" as they wish, at no additional charge. We encourage the set up of individual User ID’s for each employee utilizing WebSelfStorage. Unique User ID’s allow for full tracking capabilities and audit trails of each user’s activities.

Q: What kind of support can be expected when using WebSelfStorage?
There is NO MONTHLY OR YEARLY FEE FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT. We offer live online technical support, which means help is available through an online "chat" with a representative – and this is 100% FREE FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE ACCOUNT. Phone support is available for FREE for the first 120 days after the set-up and activation of your account. After that timeframe, contacting support by phone is $1.00 per minute. 24-hour emergency phone support is also available.

Q: How much do upgrades to WebSelfStorage cost and how often do they occur?
WebSelfStorage is constantly being upgraded and enhancements are absolutely FREE! In fact, the WebSelfStorage team makes many improvements based on comments provided by our Affiliates. A tool to provide your comments and ideas for the program is embedded within the account. The WebSelfStorage team then analyzes the input and makes the appropriate changes as necessary.

Q: Why does WebSelfStorage look so different from all other self-storage software programs?
WebSelfStorage was designed by experts within the storage industry to be as straightforward as possible for the end User. In addition, WebSelfStorage is a web-based package and uses a different programming language than the typical 'Client Side' software.

Q: How long does it take to download WebSelfStorage and what are the minimum requirements?
There is nothing to download. WebSelfStorage is totally web-based, meaning you can access your account from any computer with an internet connection. Our minimum requirements are Windows 98, Internet Explorer 5.5, a 56K internet connection speed and a 486 or higher processor.

Our recommended requirements are:
Windows XP
Internet Explorer 7.0
256K or higher internet connection speed
Pentium 4 processor

Q: Where is the data kept?
The data for all the storage facilities (6900+) is stored on the WebSelfStorage servers. Data is backed up by the hour and stored both on and off site.

Q: Can a Storage Affiliate back up their data?
Yes. WebSelfStorage provides an executable that allows a Storage Affiliate to run a back up if they desire.

Q: What if the Internet connection goes down?
Many Storage Affiliates set-up a dial-up connection or use a wireless Internet card in case the local Internet provider has a connection problem. Rest assured your data is safe even during the event of a lost connection, and you can always access WebSelfStorage from another computer with internet access.

Q: How secure is the data?
Data is extremely secure. WebSelfStorage uses 128-bit encryption, which is bank level security. This protects from any non-user accessing the system. WebSelfStorage helps prohibit misuse through the remote management capability and extensive audit reporting available within the program. This allows all activity by any individual to be monitored. The program will also time-out after a specific length of time and require Users to log in again.

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Credit Card Processing

Q: What is payment processing and how can a Storage Affiliate get set up on the service?
WebSelfStorage offers fully integrated merchant services with no third-party involvement. Locations can accept all major credit and *debit cards, as well as electronic check payments directly within the program. Using payment processing via WebSelfStorage allows your location to participate in features like S.O.A.R. and the U-Haul Call Center as well as accept autopayments and on-line payments. Affiliates utilizing WebSelfStorage are eligible for payment processing and may sign up using a quick online application within the program. Funds are deposited automatically to the chosen bank account. (*Note, debit available in U.S. only at this time)

Q: Where can a Storage Affiliate get a swipe device to process credit cards?
If the Storage Affiliate is a U-Haul Dealer, then they may use the same swipe device utilized at their Dealership. Swipe devices can also be purchased from the Storage Buyer's Club.

Q: What are eCheck payments?
eCheck payments are a means to accept payment by check electronically. While funds are deposited to your bank account promptly, the standard 7 to 10 day window applies for the check to clear your customer’s bank account. There is no need to create a deposit slip for the payment. Obtain written authorization from customers before processing a payment as an eCheck.

Q: What are the rates for Payment Processing?
Credit card rates are as low as 1.29% and eCheck payments cost just $0.17 per transaction. There are NO monthly fees, statement fees, annual fees, application fees, or hidden fees. All payment processing rates are indicated on the online application.

Q: Does WebSelfStorage support auto payments?
Yes, customers automatically paying rent can choose to place a credit card or checking information on file and WebSelfStorage will automatically charge that account. The funds are then deposited into the Storage Affiliate's bank account. Obtain written authorization from customers before processing automatic payments.

Q: When does a Storage Affiliate receive money from processed credit cards?
Electronic payments are processed on a daily basis. Typically, money is deposited to the Storage Affiliate's bank account within 48 hours of the time the card or bank account is charged.

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On-line Payments

Q: How can a Storage Affiliate offer online payments to their customers?
The Premier Customer Club is more than just online payments; it is a way for customers to increase security through total online account management. Affiliates using WebSelfStorage can enroll their customers into the Premier Customer Club by simply saving the customers email address to a contract. WebSelfStorage automatically notifies the customer of their password and FREE online access is activated for the life of their account. Premier Customers can pay online, sign up for auto pay or tenant insurance, determine who has access to their room, update contact information, print receipts, view payment history, and much more!

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SafeStor Tenant Insurance

Q: How can a Storage Affiliate offer online payments to their customers?
Yes. SafeStor Tenant insurance is a fully integrated and low cost "pay with rent" insurance option that pays your facility the highest premium in the industry! SafeStor protects your customer’s goods and decreases your liability to claims. Customers interested in SafeStor need only pay the first month’s premium and their coverage begins immediately. An addendum form automatically generates for your records and you will receive 30%* of the SafeStor payment deposited directly to your bank account each month. There is no need to mail in any SafeStor payments or reports. Everything is handled electronically for you within WebSelfStorage. SafeStor is underwritten by Republic Western Insurance Company in the U.S., by National Union Fire Insurance in Florida, and by Chubb Insurance of Canada in Canada. For any questions please email, sales@ponderosainsurance.com (*Note, Admin Fee of 30% available for locations in U.S. only at this time. SafeStor is available in Canada with the exception of Alberta).

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Centralized and Certified Mail

Q: Can WebSelfStorage print or mail my customer letters for me?
Yes, WebSelfStorage has both capabilities embedded within it. Your location has a choice of mailing out your own customer letters which are automatically generated to the Run Opening queue, or selecting certain letters to be mailed via our Centralized Mail service for JUST THE PRICE OF A STAMP! We also offer *Certified Mail services with an electronic return receipt at just $5.84 per letter. We print, we mail and we provide an electronic history for all of your letters. Letters sent via Centralized or Certified Mail are mailed the same business day! Certified Mail with Restricted Delivery is also available for an additional fee. (*Note, Certified Mail is available in U.S. only) Some other benefits of Centralized and Certified Mail Services include:

CENTRALIZED MAIL - available in U.S. and Canada. For the Cost of a U.S. First Class Stamp:

NOTE: Letters on Centralized Mail service are able to be sent with ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED on the envelope

CERTIFIED MAIL (with Return Receipt) - available in U.S. only. Low Price of only $5.84 per letter:

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The U-Haul Call Center

Q: Does WebSelfStorage have a call center service?
Yes, with the U-Haul Call Center, your calls can be answered 24/7/365! Our trained, professional U-Haul Call Center agents will answer the phone when your location cannot pick up, or the phone line is busy. This leaves more time for your staff to help customers at your facility! For easy sign up, click the eMove Benefits/Services link on the WebSelfStorage homepage. U-Haul Call Center Managers will provide you with a roll-over number to give to your phone company. The U-Haul Call Center agents will be able to help your customer:

Q: What is the cost of the call center?
The cost of the U-Haul Call Center is based on a tiered pricing structure. The monthly rate is dependent upon the number of units at your facility. The $20 charge per confirmed reservation is applicable when our agents make a reservation for your location. For more questions on pricing and how to sign up, please contact us at contactcenter@uhaul.com

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The Storage Buyer's Club

Q: What is the Storage Buyer's Club?
The Storage Buyer’s Club is a way for you to maximize your resale profit by taking advantage of U-Haul’s online buying power. It is an online retail store where you can order products for resale at your location as well as facility maintenance items and free marketing materials.

Q: How do I order products from the Storage Buyer's Club?
WebSelfStorage Affiliates log into their WebSelfStorage account, click on eMove Benefits/Services and follow the link called "Storage Buyer’s Club". Categories and a search function will be found on the Club’s homepage. Follow the steps to order online. Orders typically arrive within 5-7 business days; however, many products arrive in less than 5 days. "Order Status" can be viewed on the bottom left of the homepage along with tracking information. For questions about your order, feel free to contact the Buyer’s Club Sales and Support Team at 1-866-277-6855 or email store@uhaul.com.

Q: How do I make suggestions for products on the Storage Buyer's Club?
Make product suggestions by clicking the "Contact us" link on the Storage Buyer’s Club homepage. This will generate an email to our Web Sales Team for review.

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